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Lavineyard Farms is a boutique lavender farm in Shasta County. We are combining Italian vineyards with lavender fields. We have the largest collection of lavender varieties in the west, over 140 species!

We offer high-quality grapes, lavender products, plants, dried lavender, and many more.



Our Story

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In 2017 my wife and I left the big city of San Francisco for the country to start our own business with a few other like-minded entrepreneurs. After years of looking for a place, we came across a beautiful property in the eastern hills of Shasta County Ca.

Unfortunately, our partners got cold feet and decided to keep their city lives. The property we took over was once called Tuscan Heights Lavender Gardens. There have been many articles written about this place since it is famous for having over 140 different kinds of lavender on 5 acres along with 4 grape varietals on 2 acres.

We have already received 5 awards for our hobby level wines and are now in the process of becoming a boutique winery with a tasting room and gift shop. My wife and I work very hard maintaining the lavender gardens and grapevines and attending craft shows to sell our hand made products to help fund the winery build and to keep our lavender fields healthy.


We are asking for a little help from friends and family to help us complete this project so everyone can enjoy this magical place along with sipping some good wine.

We have less than 2 years to complete the winery build based on the Shasta County Building Departement and hope to get any kind of funding asap. Your support will mean so much for us and the local community of Whitmore as we try to make this region into California's next wine region. 



We have Over




Here at Lavineyard Farms, we commercially grow the following 4 types of lavender varieties,

English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia),
Spanish and Lavender (Lavandula stoechas),
Provence Lavender (Lavandula X-intermedia,

and Portuguese Lavender (Lavandula latifolia)


We have a collection of 147 species growing under these 4 varieties and we are known to have the largest collection in the West!


Gardens of Culinary Herbs

We also grow small gardens of culinary herbs such as "Rosemary" and Geranium. 


Italian Vineyard

We planted an Italian vineyard with the grapes of Sangiovese, Primitivo, Muscat Blanco, and our specialty Baco Noir

We are currently in the process of becoming a boutique winery where we have already earned 4 medals in hobby level competitions at the 2018 Orange County and Marin County fairs in California.