Our Lavender Hydrosol spray is a multi-purpose spray with the signature aroma of English Lavender varieties. Highly recommended for home cleaning DIY products.

The Lavender Spray/Mist is made with all-natural ingredients and its only 1 ingredient.
100% Pure English Lavender Hydrosol (undiluted), steam distilled lavender floral water.
This product is alcohol-free and paraben-free!

Recommended For:

★Sleep Aid:
The lavender is known for helping with Insomnia, just spray the mist on your pillow, room or body to promotes relaxation and mental clarity.
*Body mist - hold the bottle about six inches away and spritz, avoiding eyes and sensitive areas. Formulated to leave a silky-smooth feel on the skin, never greasy or sticky. 

★Air Freshener: 
Spray in the air in any room such as a bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, and car give your room the feeling of a luxurious spa. 

★Fabric Fragrance and bug repellent:
The Mist is great for linens and closets. it repels bugs and keeps your linens smelling amazing with a calming effect and fresh feeling. Also, can be used for non-chemical deodorant/all-natural deodorant.

★Skin Toner:
You can bring balance to your skin by adding a lavender facial toner to your daily skin care regimen.

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If you wish to receive your order in other ways such as personal delivery or in bulk, no problem!
Just send us a message and we would love to meet you at our local area, Redding Ca.

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100% Pure & Natural Hydrosol/Distilled Lavender Water 4oz. English Lavender

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