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Dried Lavender Flowers in bulk, hand-picked and dried from Lavineyard Farms fields in Whitmore, CA. The lavender comes in a vacuum-sealed package.



Small Dry Lavender Bud 1/2 Ib $17.


More options: 
Medium Dry Lavender Bud 1/ Ib $30. 
Large Dry Lavender Bud 5 Ib $135 ($27 each). 


About the product:

100% Pure-raw Tuscan lavender buds, grown in northern California at Lavineyard Farms fields. Selected top-quality Lavender flowers, freshly cut and dried at peak season to maintain the most original look and natural beauty of the Lavender flowers. Tuscan Lavender contains the highest content of essential oils

Relax your body and mind with the fragrance of Tuscan Lavender Flowers. From ancient times to now, humans have been using Lavender as an antidepressant, purifying the mind & body, and relieving stress for a restful night of periods of sleep.

Make your unique style by adding this beautiful lush, fragrant flowers in your decorations. Perfect for Beautiful Romantic Weddings, Rustic Country-Chic, Natural Home Decor, a wonderful Housewarming Gift and DIY.


Lavender buds in Bulk, Naturally Grown, Hand Picked and Dried

    • Small Dry Lavender Bud 1/2 Ib $15.


    • Medium Dry Lavender Bud 1/ Ib $30.


    • Large Dry Lavender Bud 5 Ib $135 ($27 each).
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