Sometimes you need a special blend of spice with a serious punch of flavors. A medley of kosher salt, rosemary, peppers, garlic, onion, & lavender will definitely do the trick.

The rub is perfect as a dry rub or wet rub (just add olive oil). Sprinkle the rub on your meat, fish, or veggies.


Ingredients: kosher salt, rosemary, pepper, garlic, onion,  & lavender.








Our Culinary Lavender (English Munstead) is hand-picked and dried at Lavineyard Farms fields. 100% Pure-raw English Munstead lavender buds, grown in northern California. Selected top-quality Lavender flowers, freshly cut, and dried at peak season to maintain the most original look and natural beauty and the taste of the Lavender flowers. English Munstead Lavender contains the best for culinary due to its sweets scent and aroma.



Lavender has been known since ancient times as a flower with healing and soothing qualities. Culinary lavender has been used for years in European cooking, and now in the US with its unique sweet and minty and distinct flavor that separates it from all other spices. Lavender enhances beverages such as lemonade and tea along with dishes like crème brûlée, ice cream, and many more! Lavender Spice, is recommended for salad steaks chicken, fish AND MUCH MORE


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Lavender Spice 3oz

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