Take the sweet aroma of lavender fields to your home with a touch of Lemon.


This is one of my personal favorites Lemon & Lavender candle made by Heatherly Candles. This Lemon & Lavender candle smells like sweet Lemon Lavender cake/baked goods with a beautiful hint of freshly bloomed lavender. True to its name.

The candle is made with Lavender essential oil, Lemon extract, and soy from soybeans. The soy is locally sourced and supports local agriculture and farmers.

This candle has a strong lemon aroma and lavender smell.


Due to the high demands of the product, we might be short of items. IF THAT IS THE CASE IT WILL TAKE LONGER TO DELIVER. We will let you know.


Clean burning:

You might be familiar with the black soot that collects on your jar and around your house when burning paraffin candles. Our candle burns much cleaner with very little soot, and won't release toxins into the air as they burn.


Long lasting:
The 5oz candle lasts up to 45 HOURS- much longer than a paraffin candle of the same size! This is due to the cooler burning temperature of soy wax, which allows it to last longer.


Better scents and color:
Because soy burns slower than paraffin, the scent is released more evenly over time instead of the initial burst of strong scent that fades quickly. Using natural soy wax also holds onto color well, making the candle look better than the rest.


Great gift:
It's a perfect gift for relaxation with the natural aroma of Tuscan and Provence Lavender.


All about Heatherly Candles:
Heatherly’s candles (Dana) helps us with the candle making process. All candles are handcrafted nontoxic & chemical-free.

Lemon & Lavender Candle, 6oz

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