This set includes Goat Milk Soap, Lavender Lip Balm, Lavender Salve, Lavender Himalayan Pink Salt, Lavender Mist, and Lavender Sachet.


Lavender Goat Milk Soaps. 100% Goat Milk! Please choose one
Lavender Honey and Oatmeal Soap, or Charcoal Lavender Soap, or 
Lavender, Rosehip & Jasmine, or Lemon Lavender Soap.


Soft Calming Lavender Lip BalmPlease choose one
Which lip balm would you choose? Lavender Honey, Lavender Lemon, or Lavender Mint?


Lavender & Hemp Skin Care Salve: 100% all-natural oils:
Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Arnica Oil, Chamomile Oil, and St John's Wort Oil. Additional ingredients: Bees Wax, and Vitamin E.


Lavender Pink Himalayan Salt is recommended for salad steaks chicken and fish.

Lavender Mist 

Our Lavender spray is a multi-purpose spray with the signature aroma of Tuscan and Provence Lavender varieties, the top 2 lavender varieties known for producing a great refreshing and relaxing fragrance.


Lavender Sachets

The Lavender Sachet is made from 50 Lavender varieties- Multiple English Varieties mixed with Grosso, Tuscan, and Provence Lavender. Selected top-quality Lavender flowers, freshly cut, and dried at peak season to maintain the most original look and natural beauty of the Lavender flowers. 



Lavender Medley Gift Package (B)

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