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Naturally Grown, Hand Picked and Dried, Long Stem

Approx 16-22" long, blended with medium stems approx 11-26" long. Bouquet wide is aprox 3-4".


About the product:

  • Tuscan Lavender Flowers in Bundles 100% NATURAL Raw, grown in northern California, at Lavineyard Farms fields. Selected top-quality Lavender flowers, freshly cut and dried at the peak to maintain the most original look and natural beauty of the Lavender flowers.


  • Relax your body and mind with the fragrant of Tuscan Lavender Flowers. Filled with calming hypnotic sedatives, an antidepressants for purifying the mind, and relieving stress for a restful night of sleep.


  • The Tuscan Lavender has numerous health and mental benefits. Can clean air, clear human body sweat, smoke flavor in the house, good for scenting closets, cars, and etc. Just filled the room with the aroma of Tuscan Lavender dream and get ready to relax.


  • Make your unique style by adding this beautiful lush, fragrant flowers in your decorations. Perfect for Beautiful Romantic Weddings, DIY, Country-Chic, Rustic, or Natural Home Decor, and wonderful Housewarming Gifts.

Tuscan Lavender Bundles

  • The Bouquet stems: mix of Long Stem approx 16-22" long, and medium stems approx 11-26" long.

  • All sales are final