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Our DIY Candle Making Kit (Soy wax) is ideal for custom-designed beautiful Dough Bowl candle or upcycling vessels you may have around the house.


This Candle DIY Kit is very easy to use, and it's an excellent craft activity for kids or adults. The perfect idea for a holiday gift, a birthday gift, a company gift, or something fun.

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Microwavable Candle Kit
All natural soy wax including pure essential and fragrance oils. 
Paraffin-free and NO harmful chemicals or toxins. Made with vegan and pet friendly materials.

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Our Kits:
Wood Dough Bowl Kit 14- 16oz (Dough Bowl)
Mason Jar Kit 16oz
Glass Candle Kit 8oz

Soy Kit 16oz (No container)
Soy Kit 8oz (No container)

Aroma Options:
Lavender & Earl Grey- Protection  
Pumpkin Spice & Lavender- Joy & Abundance   
Pure Provence Lavender- Love 
Ocean and Lavender- Happiness   
Lavender & Vanilla Bean- Divine Light 



"THIS CANDLE KIT IS AMAZING! I got some of the Pure Lavender kit in a Dough Bowl for my two daughters. We had so much fun. 
It's a very do-it-yourself kit. We ended up with two pretty nice candles and we used them right away. The design part was my favorite.
The flowers were super pretty and easy to apply."

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