Lavender Fields & Winery

Family owned and operated boutique lavender farm with an Italian vineyard. 
We make our products with natural ingredients from our farm with special attention to
organic methods; no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals.
Also, we have the largest collection of lavender varieties in the west, over 140 species!

Grand Opening Of Our Winery

Jun 2022,

Lavender Wreaths Classes Coming Soon, subscribe for more info

Be A Vendor

At Our Events!

We are looking for local artists and small businesses. 

We are looking for local artists and small businesses who create unique beautiful artwork. 


Our Lavender And Wildflower Honey!

Lavender & Wildflower Honey!

We use a unique method to protect our bees and keep the honeycomb untouched.

The honey bees build the honeycomb right in the serving tray you purchase. The trays are recyclable. The Honeycomb is kept in its purest form, untouched by human hands.

Untouched By Human Hands

Lavender & Wildflower Honey!

100% pure raw honey from a lavender farm! Our honey is rich in Oak, Lavender, Manzanita, and mountain flowers. Wild flowers such as Star Thistle and BlackBerries. We make our honey In Small Batches, With Special Attention To Organic Methods; No Pesticides, Herbicides, Or Harmful Chemicals. Our Honey is Lab Tested





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