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3 Shades of Honey | Romantic Giftable’s | Butterscotch Basked Boscs | Lavender Honey Fleur de Sel Ca

One must confess, there is something so sensual about honey. In my relationship, “Honey on my Table” became a metaphor for the sweet things a relationship can bring. So these honey drenched giftable’s are a symbol for love. Love is the most precious of human experiences. Not a commodity to be bottled, sourced & sold. So this collection of recipes is dedicated to love in it’s various forms & depths. Love isn’t just for sweethearts. Be the amorist in your intimate circle, create some beautiful gift baskets (illustrated below) for your family & your friends who feel like family.

We use this delightful honey caramel to create 3- different confections. We start with browned butter, tempered with cream, add organic brown sugar & honey then finish with a Bourbon Vanilla. Our first creation is caramel dipped pears. The lovely butterscotch nuance of this caramel, transmutes the bosc into edible art. Next, the hot honey mixtures gets poured into molds for individual Fleur de Sel caramels with the gourmet touch of lavender buds. Lastly a bit of the mixture gets taken from caramel to the candy stage where instant espresso powder is added. Voila! Cafe au Latte Lolly’s, the flavor of which is reminiscent of coffee nips.

Gourmet Pears dipped in Honey Caramel, Dark Chocolate & Walnuts

Bosc pears go skinny dipping in warm honey caramel then after the caramel sets, they are dipped in dark chocolate & finished with Fleur de Sel & walnuts. Display in clear gift boxes for gifting.

Lavender Honey Fleur de Sel Caramels

These caramels are so dreamy & perfectly giftable. Finished with a flourish of Fleur de Sel & crushed lavender buds.

Cafe ah Latte Lolly’s

Perfectly lickable & caffeinated lollypops on 6” wooden sticks gives an old fashion, candy parlour feeling to this nostalgic candy.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Honey Caramels

A square ice cube tray was used to mold these caramels which were chilled then dipped in dark chocolate & dusted with Fleur de Sel or walnuts. The chocolate ganache recipe can be found under ‘Pro-Tips’ above.

To see the full recipe see Wendi Nichols site


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