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Purple Haze | A Swanky Lavender Lemon Drop By Wendi Nichols

This is such a swanky little cocktail. Inspired by a day trip of art & wine drinking with my girls, Kake & Haley at Lavineyard Farms in Whitmore California. We perched under a gazebo amidst fields of lavender with canvas & watercolors. Sipping Limoncello, painting, laughing while nibbling Italian Muffaletta & pickled vegetables. It’s the kind of therapy that can not be purchased, it must be experienced & what better place than an idyllic lavender farms & vineyard with good friends.

@anatomyofakitchen "Purple Haze A Swanky Lavender Lemon Drop. There are many cocktails out there that come together in a hurry. This is not that sort. This is a specialty cocktail crafted with care meant to be savored among people you really like. The lavender, the sugared rim can be nibbled like rock candy"

To see the full recipe see Wendi Nichols site


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