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Our DIY Soap Making Kit is perfect for creating your own beautifully designed soaps, adding a personal touch to your home or as thoughtful handmade gifts.

This Soap Making Kit is incredibly user-friendly, making it a fantastic crafting experience for both children and adults. Ideal for a holiday present, a birthday surprise, a corporate offering, or just for some creative fun.

Microwavable Soap Kit

Step By Step Soap Kit.jpg

Our Kits:
2 Bars of soaps- total of 9 oz
4 Bars of soaps total of 1 lb

Aroma Options:
Lavender & Earl Grey- Protection  
Pumpkin Spice & Lavender- Joy & Abundance   
Pure Provence Lavender- Love 
Ocean and Lavender- Happiness 
White sage and lavender

*We have plenty more options call for more 



"I was on the hunt for a new, fun DIY project and stumbled upon this soap making kit. Oh boy, was I in for a treat! The whole process was straightforward and utterly enjoyable. Melting the soap, adding my twist with colors and scents, and then watching it take shape was so satisfying. The included dried flowers were a delightful touch, giving my soaps an elegant, professional look. I gifted a bar to my friend, and she couldn't stop raving about it. Now, I'm hooked! This kit is a game-changer for anyone looking to dive into the world of soap crafting or just searching for a unique, joyful activity."



1. Preparation:
Lay out baking paper on a clean surface to work on and plan your soap design. Unpack your kit, which includes a rubber mold, a wooden stick, fragrance oil (2-5 drops of oil), color, and the goat milk soap base bag.

2. Melting:
Place the goat milk soap bag into the microwave and heat in 30-second intervals until the soap is mostly melted. Recommended to put the bag in an additional bowl.
The bag must be open!

3. Mixing:
Pour the melted soap into the mold, add your chosen color and fragrance, and gently mix with the wooden stick. Optional: you can spray the soap with alcohol (or sanitize spray) to clear bubbles.

4. Designing and Setting:
Customize your soap using the provided colors and dried flowers, creating a design that's uniquely yours. Allow the soap to cool and solidify for 24 hours before removing it from the mold. The molds can be used multiple times (you can purchase a soap refill bag)

Enjoy your handcrafted soap or share it as a personal, thoughtful gift!

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