Lavender Rosemary Smoked Lamb By The Chef Jessie Spence.

Rubbed and marinated using Lavineyard Farms organic lavender rosemary spice blend. Charred rainbow carrots with dragonfruit balsamic.

"Super proud and I plan to continue working with local family farmers using organic methods, it's so important, especially in these hard times."

-Chef Jessie Spence

4-8 Hour Marinate:


Lavender Rosemary Rub


  • Rinse lamb rack thoroughly before marinating, use zip lock bag to add Marinate.

  • Crust lamb generously with spice rub mixture.

Smoking Instructions:

  • Apple Wood Chips preferred for this recipe

  • Soak wood chips in water for 30 mins (minimum)

  • Using home BBQ aim for a LOW smoke temp.

  • 4-8 Hour Smoke

  • Internal Temp should reach 135 degrees F

  • Let Lamb rest for 10 minutes

  • Slice your savory rack of lamb and Enjoy!!

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