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Fresh Cut Lavender - Dry Properly To Stay Year Round

We had such wonderful feedback from our lavender wreath workshops. People can't wait to have them again! SO YES 2021 we will have more workshops.

You will learn how to make your own 14-inch lavender wreath at our lavender farm. We will guide you through every step of the process. The class includes a tour of the farm and harvesting fresh lavender.

The best wreath is a fresh wreath!

But how can you preserve it to stay year-round?

#1 First, you need to harvest 10-14 big fresh lavender bundles.

At our farm, you can find over 140 different lavender varieties THAT YOU CAN ADD INTO YOUR WREATH DESIGN.

Fresh Spanish Lavender Bouquet's in Different Colors!

The smell is soooooo relaxing and soothing.

You need to come and harvest some by yourself.

#2 Bundle them together and straighten up the top.

#3 Cut most of the lavender stems to get them even.

#4 Place the bunch of lavender onto the wreath form giving them the angle you want and secure them by wrapping a piece of wire a few times around the wreath.

#5 Once your fresh lavender wreath is ready, flip it and tie it from 4 ends WITH A LONG STRING.

#6 Next, connect the four strings together and hang the wreath in the air like a swing.

#7 Let the wreath dry for 10 days (no sun)

#8 After 10 days the wreath will be fully dried with the initial design.


Spraying the wreath with the unscented hair spray will keep it in place as well.

Inspiring Fresh Lavender Wreaths Designs


3 Color Tiers Fresh Lavender Wreath

Fresh Lavender Antlers Wreath

3 Colors Medley

2 Colors Lavender Wreath

Dark Provence Lavender

Due to COVID-19, the classes will be private at 6 feet apart.

All tools will be sanitized.


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