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Destination, Close: Lavender Bathing At Lavineyard Farms

Consider Lavineyard Farms, owned by Chen and Sam Narens, as a destination this spring and summer! As its name suggests, the farm produces lavender and grapes, both of which the owners fashion into a number of products: candles, scrubs, wands, oils, salts (both bath and culinary), and honey from the lavender and, soon, wine (of course!) from the grapes. This year, they offer many opportunities to enjoy seasonal fun, including U-Pick lavender, classes, and decadent Wine and Dine events on their beautiful twelve and a half acre farm.

Lavender is in full bloom from the beginning of June through July, and from mid-May through early August, Fridays through Sundays, Lavineyard Farm buzzes with activity. The U-Pick operation, various classes, and Wine and Dine events simply require an appointment, made through the Lavineyard website. It doesn’t take long to gather bouquets of lavender stems, and with its 140 varieties of lavender, Lavineyard Farms boasts the most varieties among western lavender farms. U-Pickers often stay to enjoy a picnic they have brought and to browse the farm’s store. Its candles, body scrubs, and pure lavender essential oil are among the handmade items from plants grown on the farm.

Former Bay Area residents, Sam was the first to move to the farm, in 2016, with Chen eventually joining him fulltime a year later. Chen says, “I started helping with products here and there, thinking, ‘This is awesome!’ I wanted [my time] to be spent on me, my husband, our relationship, this farm.” Creating products and learning about all the ways their lavender can be used has been a delightful, exploratory process for Chen and Sam, and they love seeing people enjoy the results.

Some of the classes they’ll have available this spring and summer will dive into constructing lavender wreaths, candles, and handmade signs. These classes are a fun way to make use of fragrant lavender and become grounded and connected to the earth. The Narens themselves experienced such reconnection. “I wanted to be more connected to what I’m eating,” recalled Chen. “In the city, you don’t really know. I didn’t know where my honey was coming from. Now I have my own honey,” honey that’s sold in its honeycomb and jarred in the farm store and on Lavineyard’s website.

Wine and Dine events will take place on June 11, 18, and 25, in collaboration with local wineries and restaurants. Chen developed the vision for these collaborations before Covid, which then put a stop to her plans, and now she’s eager to finally share these events with the community. They will feature excellent food, wine, walks through the lavender fields, and massages by a local masseuse, creating a fully immersive afternoon of relaxation.

Stop by to pick a few bunches of lavender, take a class that will leave you drenched in lavender, unwind with a beautiful dinner and massage, or shop for high quality products that you can share with loved ones at home. However you choose to engage with Lavineyard Farms, you’ll understand why the Narenses have put down roots among the lavender and vines.


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