Spatchcock Cornish Game Hens with a Lavender Dry Rub & Meyer Lemon Buerre Blanc by Wendi Nichols

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A complete dinner on a sheet pan, elegant simplicity. You will need to begin a day in advance for brining.

A complete dinner on a sheet pan, elegant simplicity. You will need to begin a day in advance for brining.

We caught up Chen & Sam of Lavineyard Farms this weekend at the local farmers market & were gifted three gourmet lavender products from their culinary line. The first of which is a lovely & fragrant lavender spice rub that graces the hen above. My first experience with the taste of lavender was a lavender lemonade, I still remember the off, soapy taste. Chen explained to me that there are hundreds of species of lavender with differing purpose. Some are very fragrant, for soaps & tinctures & such. But then there are culinary grades that are used for cooking. So do not be quick to dismiss the possibility of lavender in cooking & cocktails just make certain that what your using is meant for culinary. I assure you, this recipe will make you a convert.

We begin by brining the hens to infuse flavor & moisture. Spatchcock is a method of preparing poultry or game hens by removing the back bone & pressing down on the breast, thus laying the bird essentially flat. This method is pure magic because meat wants to be cooked on the bone & with the skin intact but laying the chicken flat makes it cook quickly & evenly. A dry rub & a heavenly French sauce makes this recipe a keeper.

Lavender Dry Rub

To see the full recipe see Wendi Nichols site


"The Lavender Spice Rub really takes your food to the next level. I can’t believe the price! Makes a lovely hostess gift!"

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