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Add The Flavor Of Lavender To The Holidays

Running low on cooking ideas? How can I make this holiday different? Every year again and again you need to come up with new ideas for your holiday dinner.

For some people, this task is exhausting and just too much, but for me it's exciting and I love the challenge. Finding new recipes and spices for the holiday (or any dinner) is fun.

Sometimes you need a special blend of spice with a serious punch of flavor. So...recently I played with some of my favorite herbs and came up with a delicious spice rub.

I discovered that culinary lavender, rosemary, kosher salt, peppers, garlic, and onion will definitely improve and enhance every dish.

The rub is perfect as a dry rub or wet rub (just add olive oil).

Sprinkle the rub on your meat, fish, veggies, soup and even roasted pumpkin seeds!

Here are some of my best recipes links:

Tossed chicken tenders are super easy and delicious just pop it into the oven and enjoy a magnificent family dinner.

This is a super easy recipe to do.

Yellowfin tuna is always delicious but even better when it's grilled. This is a super easy recipe for grilling or pan seared.

Beef rib-eye steaks are tender and delicious, but this flavorful dry rub can give any steak a big lift. Every bit will be special, and mouth watering.

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